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We are excited to announce the launch of the #ebooksos campaign shop where you can buy t-shirts and totes branded with our logo and website. By purchasing from our shop you will be helping promote our cause, demonstrate support and show publishers you want change. As a grassroots outfit, we have been resourcing the campaign ourselves and with personal donations from supporters. The small profit we receive from our shop will be used to further the goals of #ebooksos. If you do not want a t-shirt or tote but just want to donate to the campaign fund, you can do so through paypal using

Why not

  • wear your tshirt/bag to conferences to start conversations with colleagues and show vendors how widespread support for market reform is
  • wear our products to negotiations with suppliers
  • wear our products to meetings with stakeholders such as academics, students, policy makers
  • wear them to your library to show your support
  • post a picture to the #ebooksos hashtag on twitter

Thank you for your support!

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