As part of the Open Publishing Fest (link) Team #ebookSOS hosted a live Twitter chat during the evening of 19 November.

We had six questions, left via a Padlet promoted on Twitter prior to the event.

  • Q1. What do you think are the odds of the CMA launching a formal investigation?
  • Q2. Do you think Brexit has made it harder to achieve the kinds of changes you are looking for?
  • Q3. This is a massive issue in other sectors too. Are there any plans to build on what has been done already to encompass those?
  • Q4. Is it feasible to prioritise Open Access when choosing resources (for libraries/academics)?
  • Q5. Some publishers approach our academics directly to promote bundles or e-textbook platforms, and then we look like the baddies if we say no. How do we deal with this?
  • Q6. What can individuals do to advance the issues?

A Wakelet summary of the questions and answers is available here –

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts via the #ebookSOS hashtag after the event – we will keep the Wakelet updated!

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