This morning WonkHE published a piece from Rachel which explains why market pressure essentially does not exist in the academic e-book industry, and why we needed to ask the CMA to get involved.

“We believed that the lack of market pressure in the industry merited a submission to the Competitions and Markets Authority. We submitted our complaint under several of the charges listed on the main criteria, namely that the market is anti-competitive and that it is not working well enough for educational institutions to be able to fulfil student resource needs (something which Michelle Donelan has been quick to remind universities is their responsibility, in response to questions about student refunds during the pandemic), as well as behaving unfairly during the Covid-19 crisis.”

You can read it here.

NB: We were not aware of the event to “debate the future of learning resources” which is promoted at the end of the article, and have not been invited to participate.

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