Today saw the 700th participant sign up for the UCL Webinar being held on 15th March 2021,

This remarkable level of interest is illustrative of how difficult the current climate is for libraries. Tickets are free and are still available via the link above.

Johanna Anderson, lead campaigner #ebooksos and speaker at the event said,

“This webinar is important for students who want to help us fight for fair information access and use of funding. It is important for academics as, ultimately it is their work being exploited and they need to be informed before choosing who to publish with, and it is important for HE leaders as they have the responsibility to advocate for their staff and students and will be interested to hear about suggestions for collaborative ways forward that present exciting opportunities.

700 people have signed up to the webinar to date, representing a very wide cross-section of interested parties. It is sure to be a lively event and has potential to be the start of a new way forward”

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