We have just received the following response to our open letter from the Education Select Committee

“Our Committee has a packed forward programme so we don’t have any capacity for further inquiries at the moment. However, I am very aware of this campaign on the accessibility, cost and licensing of e-books and perhaps if we have Ministers before our Committee, this is something we can ask about

Obviously we are very disappointed but, given the difficult circumstances in the civil service due to COVID, we are not surprised. However, we are not giving up. We will continue to press the issue with the Education Select Committee and would urge our supporters to contact their MPs and ask that they take action too. We would encourage VCs , Pro VCs and sector leaders to support our campaign and use any influence they have to help us.

We are also considering other avenues we could peruse such as the competition commission.

Meanwhile, we are left not being able to provide students with access to books. We do not think that is in any way acceptable and will continue to fight on.

Please keep sharing and signing our letter.

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