This campaign was launched just a week ago today. In that time the open letter has gained 1200 signatures (and it is still growing fast). As well as from individuals, it has received support from a number of key organisations and professional bodies. Today we were delighted to learn that the National Acquisitions Group (NAG) are also backing the campaign. This morning they tweeted,

“After discussion with NAG Exec we are supporting this open letter to push for new solutions around eBook publishing practices. Libraries, publishers and library suppliers are all NAG members so we hope we can be part of developing a sustainable solution.”

Thank you to NAG.

A few people have asked how long we are keeping responses to this letter open for and, the truth is, we don’t yet know. We really want to get it submitted ASAP as the academic year has already started in earnest and students need access to these books. However, whilst we anticipated this campaign receiving wide support, we have been absolutely staggered by the numbers responding. We want to send the clearest message we can and so we will keep this letter open until, as Alex Chalk (MP for Cheltenham) puts it “it has reached peak support”. At that point, with his assistance, we will coordinate an approach to the chair of the select committee.
We also appreciate that organisations need to reach their decision regarding the support of our campaign via committee and we would like to give them the time to do that.

The letter will be taking responses for at least another week. We will give several days notice before we close for responses.

A huge thank you to everyone so far who has supported us and shared the open letter with others. Several librarians have told us how distressing and frustrating it has been to be blocked from fulfilling even the basics of our role whilst also having to deal with the personal toll of the pandemic. The strength of support we have received has really boosted our resolve to demand better for our students and researchers.

Thank you!

Johanna Anderson, Subject Librarian

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